Then you may need to see a therapist. Also, you are probably a wingnut.

Here is former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, the shame of current/former Navy chaplains everywhere, leading us all in reciting Fundamentalist talking points to The Lord, in case He, in all his divine mercy and busy schedule, has been playing hooky from CitizenLink and OneNewsNow lately.

Let us pray:

And the congregation said, “What a freak.”


By the way, Klingenschmitt is one of those lunatics that prays for people to die, because you know, WWJD? If you’d like to hear more of his one-minute prayer wanks, go here, and please, if you feel called by the Lord, leave lots of comments and ratings, etc.

P.S. Lisa Miller, really? These are the people you’re allowing to lead you? If you haven’t heard, there’s a better way.