imagesPeter LaBarbera (a.k.a. Porno Pete) is a self-styled “moral” crusader who has made a career out of going undercover to gay sex clubs and events. His goal is to make LGBT people look bad, so he can advocate for discriminatory laws. It has been pointed out on this website that he never investigates similar heterosexual events, even though they are more numerous.

Porno Pete likes to play the victim, saying that he is attacked unfairly by gay activists, such as myself. However, it is clear that he is entirely deserving of criticism, as a result of his myopically bizarre fixation on male homosexuality. (strangely, he has little interest in lesbians) Here is an excerpt from his website:

“Porno Pete” is Besen’ proud creation, intended to mock me for exposing vile “gay” events like San Francisco’ annual depraved and nudity-filled “Folsom Street Fair” ‚Äî and Chicago’ “Queer Prom” (sponsored by a gay bathhouse). We expose these events as often as possible because most Americans have no clue how radical the “gay” movement really is ‚Äî and the threat it poses to kids [check out this gay youth flier] ‚Äî and the liberal media will never tell them.

Interestingly, on the same day LaBarbera wrote this post, The New York Post had a huge headline about a heterosexual scandal that read: “VIP’s a Kinky Sex Brute”. According the the text:

A hotshot investment banker who rubs shoulders with celebs like Larry King and Tommy Hilfiger is secretly an abusive maniac who gets his jollies through violence, power trips and kinky sex, his newlywed wife charged in court papers yesterday.

Jason Meyers allegedly subjected his now-estranged spouse to months of “physical and psychological abuse” that included brutal beatings and demands for unusual sex acts that “she did not want to do,” according to her explosive suit.

The sordid details include a claim by Miryam Meyers, 29, that her 42-year-old hubby “called her a ‘bitch’ and ejaculated on her face” after she refused his order to “tell him that she was his ‘slave’ and that he was ‘the most powerful man in the world’ ” while they were getting it on.

After another incident in which he allegedly slapped her face and pulled her hair in public, Jason Meyers admitted “that seeing her upset turned him on,” her Manhattan federal court suit says. She also claims to have once found a photo of Jason and his ex-wife, in which “his ex-wife was wearing a very short black leather dress and holding a whip, and Jason had a mask with metal chains around his body.”

I visited LaBarbera’s website and there was not a single word written about an allegedly “kinky” and abusive heterosexual love-spat that was featured in one of Americans largest newspapers. Where is Porno Pete when he is needed to protect America’s children, the sanctity of marriage, the American family and wholesome values? Where is he to expose the underbelly of the “heterosexual lifestyle”?

Of course, hPete Camerae is missing in action, because he has a single-minded obsession with gay people having sex – particularly if they are wearing leather. There is a word that describes the work of one who deliberately goes to hard-to-find, out-of-the-way gay sex spots, while ignoring blaring headlines in a major newspaper featuring heterosexual malfeasance. That word is “propaganda”.

Peter LaBarbera (with camera, left) is no victim and he is no Christian martyr. He is a phony hypocrite with a prurient mind oddly addicted to observing gay men having sex. What his true motivation may be is between he and his shrink (or the shrink he desperately needs to hire). However, unflattering commentary of his bizarre habits thinly veiled as “work” are completely fair and justified.

When Porno Pete stops whining and gives up his crude circus act of a career, he will get better reviews in the LGBT media and advocacy sites.

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