From his blog:

As a straight man I really have nothing to gain by standing up for equal rights for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual, and/or my Transgender friends. Except for the fact that I have many friends who are still subjected to hurtful comments by a society that hasn’t yet embraced fully the nature of… nature.

Supporting a limiting system of rules for specific people to follow is prejudice. It’ the Antithesis of Christ Consciousness and (like smoking) it’ Soooo last century.

Allowing love to freely flourish will only enhance the life experience – For All.

Toward the end, he makes a salient point about how important it is for those who aren’t directly affected by this issue of civil rights and justice to plug in and speak up:

I understand many people who stumble onto this blog are already dialed in and ready to transform the world. Much of my community is too. But there are some who still don’t care one way or the other about the ways of being in the world. Thereby, it’ up to us to share our positive outlook on our favorite issues.

That’s the key, really. The more that we can encourage our friends and families to make like a Diane Savino and speak, the closer we’ll be to a place where LGBT equality is a foregone conclusion and the voices of hatred are not silenced (because this is the United States, of course), but are so marginalized as to be rendered irrelevant.

Read the whole thing.

In other news, I had a love affair with this Jason Mraz song a few years ago, so I think I’ll post it.

UPDATE: Egad, most of the comments over there are pro-equality and pro-humanity, but there are a few backwards fools in there. I’m trying to set them straight as long as I have patience, but any of you who want to go lay the smack down, be my guest.