Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper, which is regarded by some Ugandans as a pawn of President Yoweri Museveni, today initiated a new witchhunt against presumed enemies of the Museveni administration and antigay megapreacher Martin Ssempa.

According to Box Turtle Bulletin, the tabloid accused numerous individuals, without evidence, of funding human-rights advocates whom the tabloid describes as “homos.” The tabloid provided the individuals’ home addresses and places of employment, and places where the individuals were likely to be found.

The effort by Red Pepper to promote vigilantism and the myth of homosexual colonialism comes despite an ongoing refusal among the Ugandan news media to investigate and identify the U.S. “colonialists” who have bankrolled Museveni, his “ethics” secretary David Bahati, Ssempa, ex-gay activist Stephen Langa, and other supporters of authoritarian government, vigilantism, genocide, and theocracy.

Despite verbal criticism of Uganda’s antigay genocide campaign by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. aid continues unimpeded to Museveni and evangelical abstinence-only programs.