noonprop8_logoFittingly, those who oppose equal marriage rights in California do not want a Jan. 11 federal trial on the issue televised. This is because they are subconsciously ashamed of their backward views and don’t want to be seen publicly as the bigots that they truly are.

In the deep recesses of their hardened hearts, they understand what they are doing is immoral, despicable and discriminatory. Yet, because of misplaced religious beliefs and a compulsive need to impose their worldview on others, these embarrassed souls continue to push prejudice.

The lame excuse given for such moral cowardice is that TV coverage might expose witnesses and other trial participants to harassment and intimidation. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, backers of Proposition 8 said in a court filing Monday that some of their witnesses “have indicated that they would not be willing to testify” if the trial was televised.

This is nonsense. Unlike the assassination of abortion providers, there has been no similar precedent set by LGBT activists. Homophobes have been free to express their vulgar views without fear of reprisals. Furthermore, LGBT people have the strength and fortitude to come out of the closet every day. Proposition 8 supporters should have the same backbone and openly state their beliefs in the light of day.

Of course, once those views are known, people may choose not to associate with such bigots. However, this is really no different than fundamentalists who choose not to frequent shops or restaurants owned and operated by those who openly opposed Proposition 8.

It is time to shine a big, bright spotlight on those who have transformed hatred of their neighbors into a disfigured political philosophy. The reason they oppose sunshine is because their lies and fear-mongering can only succeed in the wicked and seedy back alleys of moral and spiritual darkness.