If you headline a post like this:

Voters Have a Right to Know if a Candidate Practices Homosexuality

And the first line of your piece is this:

Folks, it’ the holiday season…

Then you have officially become a parody of yourself. And if you have no idea why that’s funny, then I can’t help you. Seriously, I couldn’t even read the piece, because I was laughing too hard. I think it’s something about how so many GOP politicians are oh-so-gay, yet oh-so-closeted. Peter doesn’t like that, but he somehow (inexplicably) fails to understand how the very knuckle-dragging worldview he props up contributes to the existence of said politicians who are “pro-family” in public, yet are gay gay gay gay gay in private.

Oh, also, Peter, the “gay” “closet,” as you “call” “it” in your “piece,” is “enabled” by people like “you,” who encourage people to “lie” to themselves about who “they” “are.”

“Also.” Ahem, also.