miller-jenkins1TWO’s Mike Airhart has written about the drama involving the unscrupulous “ex-lesbian” Lisa Miller who broke up with partner Janet Jenkins after becoming born again.

In a fit of holier-than-thou zeal, Miller went on the lam and absconded from Vermont with the child the couple were raising together after having a Civil Union. (Nothing like teaching a child the family values of honesty, integrity, honoring commitments, law and order and respect for others)

As a result of Miller’s poor parenting and criminal behavior (she was cited for contempt of court), a Vermont court transferred custody to Jenkins (after a five year legal ordeal that will surely leave emotional scars for their child Isabella) and refused a motion to delay transfer, as requested by Miller’s law team.

People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch reports today that the location of Miller and 7-year-old Isabella Miller are presently “unknown”. This is highly problematic because the court order takes effect on New Year’s Day.

Right Wing Watch reports:

The whereabouts of Miller couldn’t be determined on Monday. Jenkins’ attorney, Middlebury lawyer Sarah Star, said she didn’t know where Miller was, but hoped she was still at her home in Virginia and was simply not communicating with her attorneys.

Let us hope this is the case. If Miller continues to flout the law and make a mockery of the system and her parental responsibility, there should be a heavy price to pay. No one is above the law and even fundamentalist fugitives who obstruct and abuse the rules have to suffer the consequences.

If Miller can’t obey the law, than this case should be transferred into the hands of law enforcement officials. Perhaps, some time in the clink will clear Miller’s mind and let her reflect on the miserable morals she has taught her daughter, while she has been dodging her responsibility as a parent and decent human being.