If you celebrate this day, or if you don’t…

If you hate this day, or you love it…


I’m kind of a Grinch (Pebbles, nominate meeeeee!), but this never fails to touch me.

Tori Amos is my favorite.

Love and blessings to all our readers, those who love us and those who oppose us.* May your season be filled with peace, love and joy.

*We’ve never tried to take anything away from you, for the record, and we will never wish you ill will. So celebrate with your families, and maybe, just maybe, take a moment to remember those families you have broken apart with your lies, your dogma, your insipid hatred. Don’t believe me? Well, guess where I’m not tonight, and guess where that came from. So again, peace, blessings, and joy, but if you’re an opposer, shape up, own it, love it, or ship the hell out. Merry effing Christmas!