NathanielFrankNathaniel Frank, author of “Friendly Fire: How The Gay Ban Undermines The Military And Weakens America” demolishes Princeton professor Robert George’s idiocy disguised as “reason” in today’s Huffington Post. “If we’re going to use reason,” writes Frank, “let’s use real reason, and not lean on our ivy-league credentials to pass off homophobia as genuine rationality.” According to his post:

For years now a culture war has raged between liberal rationalists and religious dogmatists over whether homosexuality should be treated equally by civil law. Having lost ground in recent years as young people grow up in a world far more familiar with the banalities of what it really means to be gay, the right wing has begun taking careful steps to re-brand its homophobia as a rational, secular position, instead of the sectarian prejudice that it is.

This is the latest project of the Princeton professor, Robert George, profiled in this Sunday’s New York Times magazine. It’s a dangerous trend, and a starkly immoral one, as credentialed, highly educated people who should know better lend their social science credentials to the sloppy thinking and outright bigotry of those who are unable or unwilling to challenge their own dogma.

As I wrote yesterday, (and Evan too) George is sophistry disguised as scholarship. He basically has religious hang-ups with LGBT people. Instead of exploring his own poor morals and personal issues, he has created a career out of justifying prejudice – all on Princeton’s dime.