Peter LaBarbera, today:

As you can see, below we are making light of the bald-faced hypocrisy of homosexual activists, who demand tolerance for themselves even as they maliciously attack and victimize their critics ‚Äî and falsely accuse them of “hate.” However, we are not including the most vicious manifestation of homosexual hatred that occurred this year: the recent murder conviction of Teah Wimberly, a lesbian student who shot and killed Amanda Collette, her 15-year-old classmate at Ft. Lauderdale’ Dillard High School ‚Äî because Collette refused Wimberly’ same-sex romantic advances.

This is no joking matter, so Wimberly (courtroom photo below left) is not on our list. Needless to say, her conviction for the murder of the talented and beautiful Collette (pictured below right) ‚Äî a murder directly tied to homosexuality ‚Äî has not received anything close to the national media attention that made homosexual murder victim Matthew Shepard a household name. (Recall that the much-touted “anti-gay-hate-crime” motive for Shepard’ murder was later cast into serious doubt by ABC’ 20/20.)

A little over a year ago, Amanda Collette became the ultimate victim of homosexuality…

That’s right, Peter. Blame homosexuality. Because never in history has anyone ever been murdered over the rejection of heterosexual advances. Never. Not once. Perish the thought!

Good lord. How stupid, empirically, would one have to be to be swayed by such a suggestion?

Also? No one with any credibility doubts that Matthew Shepard’s murder was an anti-gay hate crime. In fact, simple common sense says that the very gruesome nature of the murder suggests that there was a lot more going on there than a simple “robbery gone bad.”

So anyway, for those keeping score:

Times in one post Peter LaBarbera needlessly co-opted the tragedy of two murders, and the suffering borne by those who loved the victims, in order to attempt to score a cheap point: 2

The rest of the post is basically “OMG I hate Wayne Besen and bunch of other people so much, Rachel Maddow GRRRR so mean, wanted to throw a pie at Princess Sarah of the Great White North hate them hate them hate them hate them hate them they are all Grinches I dunno why, I guess ’cause it’s Christmas…”