RThomasPorno Pete LaBarbera is steaming mad at Exodus’ Randy Thomas.

The cat fight started on Porno Pete’s vanity blog after he attributed the following quote to Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber:

It boils down to this: there is nothing “conservative” about ‚Äî as Barber inimitably puts it ‚Äî “one man violently cramming his penis into another man’ lower intestine and calling it “love.'”

In crisis mode over Exodus’ role in the anti-gay death bill being debated in Uganda, the group’s Vice President, Randy Thomas, is searching for ways to make his group appear more humane. Thus, he jumped all over Barber’s quote and complained to Liberty Counsel, Barber’s employer. It seems the crassness of Barber’s words upset his boss, so they sent out a disclaimer calling Porno Pete a liar.

Neither Matt Barber nor anyone with Liberty Counsel wrote or made any such public statement that is being alleged in this blog…While we strongly disagree with the sexual politics and agenda of activist organizations and individuals, we also believe that each person is entitled to respect.

PeterCardPorno Pete was in a huff over “Tattletale Thomas” and attacked the ‘ex-gay” for his “politically correct overreaction.” The next day, Barber humiliated his boss by sticking up for Porno Pete. According to Barber:

“This is for clarification only. As affirmed in Liberty Counsel’ statement, neither I nor anyone with Liberty Counsel ever publicly “wrote or made’ the comment in question — an unapologetically direct and accurate depiction of the sin of sodomy (a sin that God directly and accurately calls both an “abomination’ and “detestable’). Some years before I began working with Liberty Counsel, I made the comment in private conversation with Peter LaBarbera. At the time, Peter asked if he could “quote me on it’ and I said yes.

matt-barberBarber’s (Left) message is simple: Yes, I hold disgusting and despicable views that are an embarrassment to my employer and any decent American. In fact, my thoughts are so vile that my employer is forced to lie and say I never uttered the offending words. Of course, if I said what I really feel, no one would hire me and I’d end up as a joke, maybe with a nickname, like my good buddy Porno Pete.