This may be the most heartwarming thing you’ll read this holiday season, even better than Glenn Beck’s The Christmas Sweater.*

There was a gay wedding in Uganda recently. Yes, you read that correctly.

The two kuchus (gay men) united before family and friends, even as a bill threatens to make their love punishable by death, in a society that wasn’t very friendly to gay people in the first place, and is getting more homophobic by the day.


Pure madness. Absolute, shrieking madness, to have such a ceremony in Uganda at this moment. No amount of security can keep such a happening secret. Never. It was madness.

Pure, sweet madness, that I identify with. I know, I am also mad. Raving.

We kuchus, we gay Ugandans, we are also human beings. Seeking the simple, the wonderful small pleasures that all other Ugandans have. And, nothing shows that like our desire to be known, in the eyes of our parents, as a couple. Acknowledged, in the ultimate way. Groom and groom, husband and husband, wife and wife.

They were stupid. They were human. I love their stupidity and humanity.

We should all be so mad.

Find something simple to be grateful for this week, and keep these guys in your thoughts and prayers.

(h/t Jim Burroway)

*I can’t even type that without laughing, y’all.