Oh, everyone, please, take a moment and breathe a huge sigh of relief, for the Catholic Archdiocese in Washington D.C. has decided that somehow they will persevere and continue to serve the poor, even if gays can get married:

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has backed down from threats that it was prepared to walk away from providing thousands of people in the District of Columbia with social services if lawmakers approve a gay marriage bill.


“We’re committed to serving. That’s just what we do. We’ve been here since before there was a D.C. We’ve been serving all the time. We’re not walking away…”

OH THANK GOODNESS. I was so worried that the sight of gay people living happily equal lives would cause the Church to crumble into itty-bitty pieces far too small to distribute to the poor and hungry of the District. Thank goodness they have found the strength to continue to feed the needy, even if a gay-married couple is spotted in the area.

We all should look to the Catholic Archdiocese as an example of how to survive through even the hardest trials and tribulations.

In honor of their renewed sense of purpose, I’d like to share a song that has helped gays through many hard times. Perhaps it will help the Catholic Archdiocese stay strong, too!