While revelations concerning the role that American conservatives played in spawning Uganda’ “anti-homosexuality bill” have focused largely on Rick Warren, the pastor at California’ Saddleback Church, and groups that offer a purported cures for homosexuality, many US right-wing organizations are promoting their ideology in Uganda and across Africa.

Scott Long, director of HRW’ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, said the anti-gay animus on exhibit in Uganda was imported.

“Hate is not an African value,” he said at a press conference. “The violence and the homophobia that are sweeping Uganda didn’t just develop inside a vacuum. Their roots extend abroad and they trace back here to these shores.”

Well, let’s not go overboard. African nations have no shortage of hatred – leading to war, corruption, genocide, child soldiers and severed limbs in places ranging from Sudan, Congo, Sierra Leone, to Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Burundi. I’ll be charitable and stop here so I won’t have to name many other African countries with atrocious crimes against humanity.

What is new, however, is US-style gay bashing imported by “loving” American Evangelicals. They have introduced their sexual obsessions and hang-ups as biblical truth. This has created a dangerous atmosphere of hysteria and pandemonium over GLBT people.

These Colonial Christians are basically paying African churches huge amounts of money to carry their water and import their American anti-gay culture war. These forays into places that often do not respect human rights is making life quite unbearable for GLBT Africans.

If this bill passes and Uganda starts hunting down and murdering gay people like vermin, there will be quite a backlash back home in America. Many evangelicals with close ties to Uganda’s sponsors of this hate bill, may be considered war criminals if they fail to speak up while there is still time. In the process, they will stain Christianity and greatly tarnish its image. It is in the best interest for all Evangelicals tied to these would-be murderers to set the record straight before it is too late.

The Gay City News has an excellent investigative report on this topic.