A document on Exodus International’s web site has, since 1996, rejected the notion that the world’s homosexual or LGBT people are entitled to human rights.

In a PDF file located on the Exodus site (backup copy here), Exodus affirms antigay Episcopalians’ failed heresy trial against Bishop Walter Righter for ordaining a noncelibate gay Christian man.

Regarding the human rights of homosexual persons, Exodus says (emphasis is ours):

The casting by Bishop Righter and his supporters of the trial as a trial of “justice” is inflammatory and disingenuous. They act as if their idea of justice was self-evident. In fact, their justice is clearly a reflection of a secular radical ideology that dilutes the category of basic human rights by applying rights language to interest and lifestyle groups.

Here’s an image copy of this text:

Exodus rejects human rightsThe footer of every page clearly indicates that the document is being hosted and automatically generated (or re-generated) by Exodus International. (Click the image for a full-size view.)

FooterThe document concludes:

This document was prepared and distributed in support of the Presenting Bishops by: Concerned Clergy and Laity in the
Episcopal Church, Post Office Box 36433, Grosse Pointe, Michigan 48236. More information on the purpose and work of
CCLEC may be had by calling 1-800-307-7609.

The document is dated February 1996.

For up to 13 years, it appears, Exodus has hosted this document which leaps far beyond the topic of Bishop Righter to reject the basic human rights of sexual minorities.

When I consider Exodus’ keynote role in the March 2009 conference which launched Uganda’s campaign for antigay genocide — and Exodus’ refusal to condemn the campaign until seven months later — I am not surprised by this finding.

Nor am I surprised, given this document, that antigay Anglicans who collaborated with the Righter document have likewise refused to condemn the Uganda campaign.