Uganda’s Daily Monitor explains today why Uganda is waging war against minorities instead of corruption.

The other business which has occupied public space is the ubiquitous NRM corruption schemes. The Chogm was used as such a scheme for siphoning public funds through buying second hand cars, paying for supply of air and beautification whose only evidence was demolition of roadside fruit and vegetable markets which put to an end the livelihood of many families. Unfinished hotels were paid for accommodation of guests well knowing that they could not do so. Vehicles were hired and paid for but never used.

However, there is nothing surprising in all this as virtually every government activity is now used for personal enrichment. How otherwise can there be more than 100 ghost health facilities, obviously with ghost health workers and their ghost patients whom they treated and dispensed drugs to? Just as the existence of ghost soldiers prolonged the Kony war, the ghost health facilities have led to the death of many Ugandans and to poor health services for those who still survive. These things happen because of the extent of corruption at all levels of the current regime which has reached irreversible proportions. Uganda is in a situation of the Sherlock Holmes story of Silver Blaze in which a horse was stolen. The clue to the criminal was why the dog did not bark. The thief was its master.

Why does the government and Parliament find the Anti-Homosexual Bill more of a priority than the electoral bills and other governance issues? Already homosexuality is a criminal offence as a “crime against nature” in the Penal Code and marriage is defined in the Constitution as between man and woman. The life and death sentences introduced in the new Bill are to impress an external constituency critical for regime survival.

It seems that corruption in Uganda is so severe that the nation’s despotic leaders must appeal to U.S. Christian Rightists for financial support — and for aid in distracting the population from its suffering and unnecessary death.