Over at Ex-Gay Watch, ex-gay movement critic Patrick Fitzgerald provides the following reverse chronology for Exodus’ activity in Uganda.

Alan Chambers, November 17th 2009: “Until I read the horrible comment Scott Lively made in World Magazine today about homosexuality needing to criminalized I was convinced that his intentions were also honorable there.”

In a BoxTurtleBulletin article from March 9th, 2009, Jim Burroway reports:

“Exodus has made an adjustment to its web site. Until today, a visitor to Exodus’ web site could find a link to Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively’ article [‘Homosexuality and the Nazi Party’]…

“…When Exodus removed their references to Paul Cameron [ article], they did so with a retraction which reads, ‘This article has been removed due to the inaccuracies surrounding the research of Paul Cameron.’ At the time, Exodus President Alan Chambers promised that in ‘coming months we will be doing a survey of the content on our site to determine… if there are other articles or links that need to be removed.’ If Exodus did conduct such a survey, the Lively article apparently survived.”

And as Warren Throckmorton notes in an article dated June 25th, 2009:

“This is the same article that Exodus International linked to but then removed in light of the Uganda ex-gay conference. Although Mr. Lively is an avid supporter of NARTH, that organization recently removed references to his work from their website.”

Given Chambers’ respect for Lively until just recently, was he even aware of the link to the existence of the Lively article, and/or its removal?

If the PRESIDENT of the organization is/was unaware of the content on the Exodus website, or the removal of that content, then who’ running the show over there?

Good question, Patrick. Why does the Exodus board allow itself to be led by deceit, unless that deceit is intentional?