Via Atrios… Rick Warren is apparently getting a tad miffed at all this attention his indifferent response to Uganda’s proposed kill-the-gays law is getting. Wonkette posts the following from Pastor Rick’s Twitter stream:

Globally last yr 146,000 Christians were put to death because of their faith and no one, except Christians, said anything.

He gets that 146,000 figure, I’m guessing based on a little googling of it, from a book on Christian persecution written by Orban de Lengyelflva, who claims “around” 140,000 but doesn’t seem to have any hard evidence for the figure himself so much as his own statistical analysis. But never mind that religious persecution has been, and will always be opposed by people of peace and justice all over the world, regardless of their own religious beliefs…yes…in a world where religious hatred is constantly being stoked for political ends I’ve little doubt that a lot of Christians are dying. But you seem to think persecution is only something to concern you when it’s anti-Christian persecution Rick. That’s not just part of the problem…preacher…that is the problem.

So if a gay Christian were executed for being gay you’ll just keep your mouth shut about it, but if that same person is executed for being Christian you’ll be up in arms will you? And this how you call yourself a follower of Christ is it?