Huffington Post pointed out today that Focus on the Family’s California affiliate, the California Family Council, opposes efforts in that state to protect marriage.

While the organization emphatically opposes the right of two people of the same gender to choose lifelong marriage, regardless of their religious beliefs, the group supports heterosexual divorce.

Making divorce illegal would be “impractical,” said Ron Prentice, the executive director of the California Family Council. The CFC led a coalition of religious conservative groups to qualify that state’s Proposition 8 in which religious voters overrode the civil right of persons not sharing those religious beliefs to marry.

In 2010, it is hoped, California will vote to protect marriage from Focus on the Family and its apologists for divorce.

John Marcotte, a married father of two, is proposing the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act. The following mock PSA makes a strong case for why voters should protect marriage from Focus on the Family.

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