Cobus Fourie of South Africa’s Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has helpfully translated an article that appeared yesterday in South Africa’s Sunday As It Is tabloid.

Since the entire article is one big ex-gay profanity, I am taking the liberty of publishing the entire translation here for the purpose of educating readers as to how ex-gay proponents and their media helpmates communicate messages when they let their guard down — or assume that the Afrikaans/English language barrier will protect them. Bracketed remarks below are contextual observations by Fourie.

–Mike Airhart

Dries Botha, B-grade actor in South AfricaPRAY HIM “STRAIGHT’


That was the message last week from an actor to who placed his own gay life behind him. Now he is chasing the pleasures of the female body.

Dries Botha – an actor who was already on “Inherited Sin” on SABC2 [B-grade TV] — was for many years a screaming queen who chose sex with men over the bodies of voluptuous Eves.

But now he is walking a path with God and now looks with new, lustful eyes at women. And he realised he was not born gay.

“I have a penis and the penis is made for a vagina,” the 29-year-old said on Sunday.

And to shut the closet’ mouldy door still more he said: “I do not preach to other gays, but I want them to begin to listen to my arguments. I still have gay friends, and I do not judge, but God did not make a groom and a groom…”

He said being gay is like smoking – you will have an urge every now and then. “I still find myself sometimes looking for a man, but I try to control lust. I steer my thoughts in another direction,” he said. Almost sad.

“The more you hang out with faggots, the greater the chance that you will be gay. I was definitely not born gay.”

“I was exposed to gay men in high school for the first time. The gay community is much freer and have other moral codes. I enjoyed the freedom of being gay. I have always regarded women as useless objects.”

“We had dated for two years, but after we both started cheating, I decided that something in my life began to change.”

It was then that the bodies of women became more well-known to him.

“But it’ not debauchery,” said Dries. “God has healed me.”

“He would not allow that I turn into a macho chauvinist.”

Meanwhile, he says, some of his gay friends do listen to him and that “a man can pray himself straight is possible.”

The Dutch Reformed Church Moreleta agrees. That congregation in Pretoria fired the gay music teacher Johan Strydom about a year ago. For being gay and a Christian cannot be reconciled.

The church also has a few years ago established an ex-gay organisation, namely H2O – it stands for “Homosexuality to Overcome”. But one of the counsellors, a guy called Werner, he refused to reveal his surname, would not say how many gays in the last few years were prayed straight or counselled.

[What the article does not say is that in 2008 Johan Strydom, the fired music teacher, won the case against the massive Vatican-esque congregation in the Supreme Court and was awarded a nice sum of money for punitive and compensatory damages and the church lost with costs. The Constitution, Equality Act and Labour laws reigned supreme and this was a bitter pill to swallow for many bigots and caused a quite an uproar]

“It’s hard to say. The people who come to us is ready repent. They just want to walk away from homosexuality.”

Werner believes a foetus before birth knows whether he or she will be born into “brokenness.” Homosexuality is only “learnt behaviour,” says Werner.

The Dutch Reformed Church Moreleta did not want to have their name mentioned, because they are allegedly threatened by gays. They have already had it with all the faggot-threats.

Pastor Errol Naidoo, spokesman for the His People Church in Cape Town, is surely the nation’s biggest gay-basher.

And the pastor does not mind to find that he is so labelled. “I hate gays. It runs against God’s wishes,” he said to *this newspaper*

“I pray not for gays myself, but I know there are many ministries in the country who continue to pray for gays. And their success rate is very good. I know of many cases where men and women forsake their evil ways and now live in healthy, normal relationships.

“Yes, and I believe that someone could be prayed straight. Anything can be managed with prayer. “

I applaud actor Dries Botha’s brutal honesty, especially his undisguised depiction of women as mere sex toys. I frequently encounter this view of women among U.S. male ex-gay activists such as Joseph Nicolosi and Scott Lively, who excuse their disdain for women with pious claims that it is God — not these men — who require that godlike men put up with women who are naturally soft, servile, nagging, stupid, and irrational.

–Mike Airhart