Our friend Mike Tidmus reports on his blog about an ad campaign by the American Humanist Association. The effort seeks to help people “come out” about not believing in God. The ads have been under attack from intolerant fundamentalists who believe they are superior to other Americans and want to undermine our nation’s commitment to genuine liberty.

Whether one believes in God, or not, is irrelevant. What matters is the necessity of continuing America’s commitment to ensuring a tradition of freedom of conscience. If fundamentalists have a problem with such campaigns, the answer is to exercise their First Amendment rights and make a more persuasive case for faith in God. If they fail to do so, that is a consequence of living in a country that thrives because of its free marketplace of ideas.

Sadly, there are people who prefer to bully, threaten, deface and destroy messages, and even the messengers, when they feel their religion is faced with competition. This, in my view, shows a lack of true faith on the part of such angry fundamentalists. They fear doubt will creep into their minds and undermine their narrow worldview. In trying to protect their fragile faith, too many people are willing to undermine the Constitution and destabilize democracy.

If America is to remain a free country, then all people must be able to form their own belief systems without fear of being ostracized or persecuted. The greatest monument to religious freedom in America remains that a person can openly choose no religion at all.

The moment such liberty is lost (hopefully never), is the moment the “Welcome Mat” has been placed to greet tyranny. On this Thanksgiving, let us thank God, or not, that we live in a nation where such ad campaigns can occur.