Nathaniel Frank, author of Unfriendly Fire, has written the best response I’ve seen to the hateful, angst-ridden screed known as the Manhattan Declaration, which Bruce wrote extensively about on this site.

Consider this passage:

Christians, says the Declaration’s preamble, were the ones who rescued abandoned babies in trash heaps in ancient Rome, tended to the sick during the plagues, ended slavery in the West, uplifted the poor, created the conditions for democracy, and ushered in women’s suffrage. Their bizarre self-righteousness in claiming the mantle of all the great things that have happened in history makes you wonder if these modern moral crusaders have a pathological need to feel that they are good people, which is usually the first sign that they have reason to worry they are not.


The sooner that we, who value equality and justice, recognize this one key fact — that the anti-gay set already realizes, on some level, that they are the bad guys in this debate — the quicker we’ll win.

Click the clicky and read the whole thing.

That said, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy it wherever you find yourself, and find something to be grateful for that you don’t often acknowledge.