That “Manhattan Document” is available online now and already blogger Instaputz makes a good catch: One of its signers is Arch Homophobe Peter J. Akinola, of the Primate of Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion (those swell folks many U.S. Episcopalian churches are rushing to join,so they don’t have to treat the gay folk sitting next to them in the pews as equals in the eyes of god…). Akinola you may recall, signed on to a proposed Nigerian law back in 2007 that would have provided for the jailing of gay people if any two of them so much as sat down to lunch together somewhere in public, and anyone…gay or straight…who so much as spoke out for their civil rights.

Akinola’s presence on this document is telling and I think we should all take a good long look at the other names on it. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see that Akinola is in very comfortable company among them. I’m going to read it in full later today.