Blogger! Not overlord, Blogger!

So hi. I’m Evan. I’m very nice, and you want to be friends with me.

Michael mentioned that he could use some help around these parts, so I volunteered. I’ll try to be interesting, I promise.

A little obligatory “About me” is in order, I suppose.

I’m from Memphis, but I’m living in the sticks of Georgia for the moment. My passions are two-fold: music and politics. I’m a classical pianist-turned-aspiring singer-songwriter. And I love politics, activism, and public policy. Those among you who are familiar with my Facebook wall can attest to this. I’m particularly passionate about fighting for our equality in the face of certain, ahem, entities which exist solely to tear us down and relegate us to the fringes of society. They know who they are. I’m a hopeful agnostic, raised in a conservative Christian home, and my journey has been unique, to say the least. No need to get too far into that. Let’s just say that you really never know when, how or why the universe is going to teach you lessons, but it’s best to pay attention.

Also, I like puppies.

You’ll surely get to know me a bit better through whatever I decide to post in the coming days. I can be a bit snarky, but just know that I do it with a heart of love for truth, justice and equality.

So, shall we?

We shall.