Talk To Action on Friday identified another U.S. evangelical who has coached the leader of Uganda‘s antigay death-penalty and family-imprisonment campaign.Fred Hartley

Dr. Fred Hartley, president of the College of Prayer International in Georgia, counseled campaign leader David Bahati and other members of the Ugandan parliament.

According to New Vision,

Hartley explained to the MPs that the Kingdom of God involves righteousness, joy, peace and the Holy Spirit. He told the MPs that if they prayed in line with the Kingdom of God they would be able to cast out demons.

“True signs of wonders will follow if you pray in truth. The blind will see, the lame will walk and the deaf will hear,” he said.

Among the College of Prayer’s “Core Values” is this statement:

Satan Evicting – As Christ’s Kingdom advances, demonic strongholds are exposed and eradicated. Practical teaching is provided to equip leaders with tools to engage the enemy in the gateways of life.

Hartley is just the latest in a line of U.S. evangelicals who — whether through ignorance or intent — have taught Ugandan pastors how to frame antigay violence and eradication (ethnic cleansing) in pious godtalk.

Hartley joins a chorus of antigay and colonialist U.S. evangelicals that includes mega-preacher Rick Warren, Exodus’ Don Schmierer, Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively, and the ex-gay International Healing Foundation.

Talk To Action points out that Hartley and his family are well-connected among U.S. evangelicals, and his “College of Prayer” has more than 50 locations around the world.