dobson_james110706Who says that Fundamentalists are against the environment? In what promises to be one of the biggest reductions in noise and air pollution in decades, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson will end his radio career at the end of February. Last year, Dobson stepped down as chairman of the anti-gay group he founded in 1977 but remained the group’s primary radio voice.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no shortage of divisive figures who would like to fill his shoes, although none have yet to attain his prominence and stature. Rick Warren, Sarah Palin and Maggie Gallagher are potential successors. And Doug Coe from The Fellowship [also known as The Family] may be even more powerful than Dobson. So, there is hardly time to throw a victory parade.

Nevertheless, Dobson’s retirement will help clear the airwaves of at least a little bit of noise pollution. I’d hate to calculate how many lives his show has ruined and families torn apart by his anti-gay rantings.