A Republican lawmaker who tried to pass tougher public lewdness laws was convicted Friday of agreeing to pay for gay sex with an undercover officer in a men’s park restroom. State Rep. Bob Allen faces up to 60 days in county jail and a $500 fine for soliciting prostitution, a second-degree misdemeanor. The Merritt Island Republican was accused of peering over a stall at Titusville officer Danny Kavanaugh, then agreeing to pay $20 to perform oral sex on the policeman.

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Is it not obvious that those who are closeted gay people are leading the anti-gay movement? What they are doing is working out private issues on the public stage. If they can convince themselves that homosexuality is awful, they might be less tempted. If they can pass draconian laws to punish gay people, maybe they will be too afraid to come out.

Many of these hypocrites claim to be people of faith. But, religion and family values is just an unhealthy form of drag – an elaborate costume to cover-up their all-consuming battle against their nature.

Note to the family values hypocrites who regularly read this blog (and there are many of you): We are all on to your game. You fool no one and you would be much happier and more fulfilled if you were true to yourself and lived honestly and openly with dignity and respect.

Please come out, before you become Bob Allen.

One more point: Why are Florida law enforcement divisions wasting taxpayer money entrapping and harassing people in parks? Having lived most of my life in Florida, I can assure you there are still real criminals on the loose. There is no reason why the police are diverting officers for such trivial nonsense.