I was proud to have marched alongside tens of thousands of like-minded GLBT people and allies to celebrate our lives and demand full equality. We are at a unique moment, where the Democrats rule Capitol Hill and occupy the White House. Those who marched want to seize this special moment and pass legislation while we are in the majority. The weekend was Democracy in action and it certainly energized the young people – who will be our advocates and champions of tomorrow.

The march was the perfect complement to the Human Rights Campaign dinner, featuring Barack Obama. The two events combined to capture the attention of the national media and offered a platform to make our case directly to the President, Congress and the American people.

In this effort, I appeared on FOX’s O’Reilly Factor and twice on MSNBC. Other GLBT advocates made the media rounds – and by doing so, there was no doubt that the President, or at least key aides heard our voices. We were also able to illustrate to fair-minded Americans why we are impatient to gain equality.

The march may not have been as large as those of yesteryear. But, it achieved its desired effect, because it put a spotlight on our issues at a key moment in history and let the Washington establishment know that NOW is the time to take action.

The festivities also served as a great contrast between our civilized, mature behavior and that of the extremist teabaggers, who behaved like tantrum throwing infants. Indeed, once could see the moral depravity of our opponents at the march with their infantile “Sodomy Truck” and hateful rhetoric – thinly disguised as “love”.

Our job, as activists, is to keep pushing Congress and the Obama Administration to take action and end our second-class citizenship. Please join us in our quest for full equality.

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Sodomy Truck

Boston March

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