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Tonight, Obama delivered a powerful and eloquent speech. Obama is a sitting president and pretty words are substance, by the virtue of his office. He is a Nobel prize winning, worldwide figure who gave his imprimatur to gay relationships. This should not be underestimated or easily dismissed.

I hope these moving and stirring words spur Congress to action – as soon as possible. We must continue pressuring the president and Congress until we are no longer second-class citizens. It is crucial that we push forward and voice our dissatisfaction with the status quo until all state sanctioned discrimination is abolished as expeditiously as possible. A few key points:

1) Obama went above and beyond rhetoric to an outright, ringing endorsement of our relationships. This will drive the right wing nuts to the point of distraction.

2) Obama provided Republicans with all the video footage they need to slam him on gay issues when he runs for reelection. So, he might a well just work to pass laws – to get the glory in exchange for the attacks to come.

3) He said he WILL abolish Don’t Ask. That was a direct promise as president – not a candidate.

4) As a former community organizer, Obama seems to recognize our role is to keep pushing forward. Without adequate pressure, nothing will get done.

Obama bought himself a half-hour in the hourglass, but until we are free and have the same rights as our neighbors, our community will not and cannot remain satisfied.