Michel Glatze, a former gay activist who became a so-called “ex-gay” after what appears to be a possible nervous breakdown, went on a racist rant against President Barack Obama this week, according to Ex-Gay Watch.

According to Ex-Gay Watch’s David Roberts, Glatze has started posting rambling and disjointed thoughts to his new blog. Some examples, including the attacks on the President:

“Have I mentioned lately how utterly ‘disgusting’ Obama is? And, yes, it’ because he’ black. God, help us all.”

“It’s a shame Obama is black. He could end up setting back race relations decades.”

“If Obama had a baby with Down’s Syndrome, he’d probably be frustrated that the child’ intelligence would never be enough to discern that his father is the Messiah. Knowing this, Obama would probably have his Down’ Syndrome baby killed, before it was ever born”

I think such posts are further evidence of what appears to be Glatze’s mental deterioration and decline. I hope he has sought professional help and guidance, as he slips further into incoherent and incendiary diatribes. He used to do good work, but now it is clear that he offers nothing but angry rambling and disjointed thoughts.

Sadly, the virulently anti-gay website World Net Daily is exploiting Glatze’s state of mind for crass political gain. And, Glatze, who just solicited me for an interview, (I turned him down) is a stage horse who is actively seeking publicity. While he claims to have found God, it is clear that his Savior is newsprint featuring his name.

I truly wish him well and hope he sees through this charade and rejoins the reality-based community in the future.