I think the lesson to learn from this video is chilling, yet simple. Anne Frank had a life before she was forced into hiding. She was a little girl who was free. But, that was taken away from her.

We must remain vigilant and not take our freedom and basic rights for granted. There will always be totalitarian forces scheming to grab power at the expense of minorities, who they scapegoat. It is our duty to stop them.

This is particularly true of gay people. We have been foisted into the front lines to battle insidious forms of would-be religious dictatorship. While much of America sleeps, our very love and lives have depended on being acutely aware of danger posed by such demagoguery. Let us never forget that we can either steer history, or be the victims of its its cruel and unforgiving tides.

It is at once joyous and heartbreaking to see a carefree Anne Frank – just a small girl enjoying the fresh air on her balcony and excited over a neighbors wedding. In her memory and that of millions of others, we must move forward carrying the banner of justice and liberty for all people.

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