When we last visited the new Freedom Federation, Exodus International was joining this federation of Christian Right organizations in order to proclaim “real freedom” from the dangerous personal and religious liberties of any Americans who might seek equality under the law.

Freedom FederationNow, through its sponsorship of the Freedom Federation, Exodus has joined the religious right’s war against “real change” of America’s broken health-care system.

Last week, according to Talk To Action:

Speaking for the organization, Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State and now a senior fellow for family empowerment at the Family Research Council said that the Freedom Federation “will be a stop sign and say, `Let’s apply reason and thought and broaden participation.'” Organization spokespersons say that some of their major concerns about health care reform revolves around “taxpayer-supported abortion, rationed health care for the elderly and government control of personal health decisions,” USA Today recently reported.

Blackwell’s unflattering characterizations of reform were civil compared to those of Federation members. Talk To Action pointed out that Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families is working on a campaign to “stop Obama’s socialism,” while Andrea Lafferty’s Traditional Values Coalition — according to the Washington Post — is “trying to stop `Obamunists’ from destroying private health care.”

Why does Exodus support the Freedom Federation, if in fact Exodus does not support the religious right’s war against “real change” in health care?

And just how does Exodus — which claims to offer counseling and support to persons who are conflicted about their same-sex attraction — foresee a defamatory culture war against health care offering “real hope” to ex-gays who need legitimate mental-health care?