George Oundo, the poster man for a campaign launched by U.S. ex-gay political leaders to promote vigilantism and arrest against same-sex-attracted persons in Uganda, has reportedly been expelled from his ex-gay organization due to sexual scandal.

George OundoEarlier this year, Oundo was a frontman for Martin Ssempa, a violently antigay African pastor who allegedly received substantial sums of money from U.S. global anti-AIDS programs begun under the Bush administration. Instead of combatting AIDS or promoting faith-based health assistance to Africans, Ssempa used the money to launch a string of violent antigay vigilante campaigns monitored by Human Rights Watch.

Hosted by Ssempa, Oundo and fellow ex-gay activists Stephen Langa and Paul Kagaba spent months accusing Uganda’s handful of native-born pro-equality advocates of conducting a massive Western youth-molestation conspiracy against the country. Unskeptical, antigay news media in Uganda lapped up the two ex-gay activists’ gossip and defamed not only gay Ugandans, but also the popular heterosexual Catholic priest Anthony Musaala, a rival to Ssempa. How did Kagaba know that Musaala was gay? Because, Kagaba said, Musaala “regularly holds parties for gays at his residence in Gayaza near Kampala.” Violence by antigay vigilantes, antigay arrests, and antigay hit lists ensued.

GayUganda said today that Oundo has been expelled from Ex-Gay Uganda:

According to Paul Kagaba, Ex-Gay Uganda Chairman, Oundo was taking boys to be “sodomised’ to his house. What I could have told Kagaba, and I have known for a few weeks, is that Oundo has been going around asking kuchus for “forgiveness’.

We await confirmation from other sources, and given Kagaba’s false accusations against gay Ugandans, his circular firing squad against Oundo must be viewed with some skepticism. However, it also seems quite feasible that Oundo was, all along, projecting his own alleged pedophilia onto innocent gay Ugandans, with the support of Martin Ssempa, U.S. taxpayer dollars, and Exodus International officials Alan Chambers and Don Schmierer.

As Truth Wins Out and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission have previously pointed out: Exodus board member Schmierer keynoted the vigilantes’ Kampala launch conference in March; Chambers approved of Schmierer’s trip beforehand, and applauded Schmierer’s speech afterward. Schmierer’s speech blamed parents and abuse for the formation of homosexual orientation. His co-speaker Scott Lively blamed homosexuals for the Nazi Holocaust and Rwandan genocide, while Ugandan ex-gay conference organizer Stephen Langa angrily complained that Uganda’s life-imprisonment sentence for homosexuality was far too lenient. A fourth speaker, U.S. ex-gay activist Caleb Lee Brundidge — a protege of former PFOX leader Richard Cohen — promoted magic rituals as a means of converting homosexual persons into heterosexuals.