ringsIn the Chicago Tribune, writer Steve Chapman asked opponents of same-sex marriage to predict what will happen with general marriage trends in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, now that these states permit gay people the freedom to wed. In the past, these anti-gay attack dogs have basically said it would cause the downfall of marriage and even threaten civilization.

But, now that these states provide tangible, real-life examples of gay couples tying the knot, these charlatans won’t offer specific predictions. The telling silence by such vocal adversaries proves that they know they are frauds. They understand that they have been lying and trying to scare the American people for no good reason – except to cash in on their alleged convictions.

Nothing will change when it comes to measurable social indicators — marriage rates, divorce, out-of-wedlock births, child poverty. The only reason for these anti-gay crusades is to promote prejudice and force gay people, against their will, to adhere to conservative religious beliefs. I can’t think of anything more fundamentally anti-American than such coercive and corrosive campaigns.