The antigay National Organization for [Heterosexual-Only] Marriage is being persecuted by homosexuals, and NOM wants you to know it — because you’re next.

Tim Hortons and Blount Fine Foods were misled about the full purpose of NOM’s antigay cookout and rally in Warwick, R.I. on Aug. 16. When the companies were contacted by thousands of alarmed consumers, the companies revoked their sponsorships.

NOM was going to charge adult diners $10 and kids $8 to eat donated food. Now food may have to be purchased by NOM.

As a result of Tim Hortons’ decision, NOM Rhode Island organizer Christopher Plante tells that coffee will no longer be served at this weekend’s event. “Time is of the essence,” he says. “Finding another sponsoring vendor is out of the question.” The rally also may be unable to serve Blount’s donated New England chowders.

No free coffee. No free soup. If that’s not life-threatening persecution, what is?

“It’s stressful, it’s sorrowful, it’s saddening,” Plante told The Advocate. “The marriage equality folks are making this a boycott threat. That’s sad. It has become our job now to remind Rhode Islanders that this is what’s to come.”

Wow. Are you as afraid of the future as we and Christopher are?

“This is not about Tim Hortons,” Plante told “This is about the organized approach to squash all private and public comments on marriage.” Take that, you… umm… no-good, anti-coffee, marriage-loving-gay-couples!

The NOM rally included Christian singers and a worship service, and its marriage ceremony was to exclude LGBT couples. Nevertheless, Plante maintains that the rally was apolitical and non-religious — and therefore worthy of the food companies’ sponsorship.

That sounds reasonable: When was the last time a conservative worship service and Christian concert were considered “religious”?