Truth Wins Out received the following e-mail from Larry Marchese, public relations representative for Blount Fine Foods of Fall River, Mass.

Blount Fine FoodsFrom: Larry Marchese
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 10:06 PM
To: Mike Airhart; Wayne Besen


That is correct.


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From: Mike Airhart
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 20:59:44
To: Larry Marchese, Wayne Besen

Dear Larry,

Thank you very much for your communication. Are you stating officially that Blount Fine Foods is no longer providing cash or goods to National Organization for Marriage or its affiliates for the event in Warwick on August 16?

Many thanks in advance for any definitive clarification.

Mike Airhart
Truth Wins Out

This is excellent news. It seems that Maggie Gallagher’s rally against gay couples and religious freedom in Warwick, R.I., on Aug. 16 will have to pay for much of its food, instead of receiving free food or services that would eventually be funded by the dollars of GLBT customers of the sponsors. Her anti-marriage organization continues to enjoy freedom of speech, and GLBT New Englanders can continue to eat at fabulous restaurants without worrying about whether their check will underwrite discrimination and prejudice against their own families.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Blount president and co-owner Todd Blount is active in several Christian associations: the Barrington Christian Academy, Barrington Baptist Church, Park Street Church, and LinkedIn’s Christian Business Leaders Network.

I hope that Mr. Blount and his company understand that people of faith can conscientiously disagree about sexuality and marriage. I hope that the company comes to realize that sponsorships which pit some customers against others — and which advance one religious doctrine by making other religious and civil doctrines illegal — are counterproductive.

Corporate, special-interest, and government money and services can sometimes corrupt the democratic process by diluting and suppressing the voices of the people. If corporations are going to sponsor causes at all, I believe they should support causes that advance charity, freedom and equality for all — not privileges for a few.

Please write to Blount Fine Foods at and thank them for respecting religious diversity, civil marriage, and a policy of restraint toward culture warriors seeking free seafood.