Amplify managing editor Joe Sonka received an alarming plea for help in the mail from Focus on the Family this weekend:

Right now we’re facing a serious budget shortfall that threatens our ability to reach out to parents, families and married couples who count on our help. Income is down nearly $6 million from what we expected and planned for this year.

Sounds grim. But let’s put this crisis in perspective:

According to GuideStar’s copy of FOTF’s Form 990 for 2007, the organization received $145 million in revenue in that year — more than all national and regional gay-equality organizations combined. FOTF spent $146 million, resulting in a one-year loss of just over $1 million.

The current mid-year shortfall of $6 million dollars does not equal a $6 million loss; at worst, it means earnings will be lower than predicted. Another possibility: FOTF fund-raisers may be floating exaggerated budget expectations for the purpose of justifying a mid-year pitch for funds to fill an imaginary “shortfall.”

With $75 million in the bank, above and beyond annual revenues, the organization could continue deficit spending at 2007’s pace for decades.

FOTF’s political affirmation of crony capitalism, unbalanced federal budgets, costly warfare, and social conflict during the past decade contributed to the current American fiscal calamity. So it’s only fair that FOTF now make sacrifices to balance its budget by cutting spending or increasing revenue. It remains to be seen whether the organization’s large investors are gullible enough to increase assistance to a cause of their troubles.

Hat tip: Pam Spaulding