Tim Hortons was, at first glance, the best-known sponsor of the National Organization for Marriage’s Aug. 16 antigay fund-raiser, cookout and “worship service” in Warwick, R.I.

Legal Sea Foods(NOM hopes to preserve heterosexist laws against marriage in Rhode Island, the only New England state not to offer marriage equality. Various bills are pending in the statehouse to either legalize or prohibit marriage or domestic-partnership rights for same-sex couples.)

Now a TWO commenter points out that another sponsor, Blount Fine Foods of Fall River, Mass., supplies rebranded foods for Legal Sea Foods and Panera Bread.

Please contact Blount Fine Foods and Legal Sea Foods. Politely ask them why Blount is sponsoring an antigay event that undermines the religious and individual freedom of GLBT customers of Legal Sea Foods — and why is Legal Sea Foods doing business with vendors that choose to harm Legal’s valued customers.

Blount Fine Foods
630 Currant Road
Fall River, MA 02720
Phone: (774) 888-1300
Email: info@blountfinefoods.com

Legal Sea Foods
Quality Control Center
One Seafood Way
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 530-9000