In an undated interview with conservative radio show host Jesse Lee Peterson, “ex-gay” activist Charlene Cothran shares her thoughts. In the audio message below, Cothran:

  • says that she is “no longer gay” even though she is celibate, same-sex-attracted, and not attracted to men
  • recalls that when she was the editor for a lesbian magazine, she opposed marriage for gay people and obstructed her colleagues’ support for marriage. She had felt that gay people should settle for second-class citizenship in the form of domestic partnership.
  • accuses educators who are tolerant of gender variance in pupils of being “trapped in the same bondage” to Satan as the pupils supposedly are. She accuses “most” tolerant educators of being secretly homosexual and using their own heterosexual marriages, churches, and children as a cover to promote homosexuality. Cothran says “gays are gifted people” and have “overwhelmingly” entered the schools as educators and administrators. She believes that anti-bullying and pro-tolerance policies are enacted because school systems are controlled by homosexuals.
  • claims that marriage is just a stepping stone for political activists to have sex “in the middle of the park with no clothes on, you know, that whole thing.”
  • accuses married gay couples of causing Europe’s heterosexual couples to stop marrying
  • advises listeners that the cure for homosexuality is to forget oneself and one’s own thought processes, blindly accept the Bible as absolute truth, and falsify scientific discussion of biological roots to sexual orientation — namely, by falsely claiming that the “gay (controlled) media” assert the existence of a gay gene.

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Peterson, the host, falsely states that the Alameda, Calif., school district voted to promote homosexuality in kindergarten through Grade 5. According to KTVU and Alameda C.A.R.E., the curriculum (and others like it) actually oppose bullying and teach students that different types of families exist; the curriculum does not teach students about sexual behavior.

Cothran claims to trust the Bible, but she does not cite any Bible verses to support her case. In fact, the most common “ex-gay” cures for homosexual orientation, reparative therapy and prayer, are offered nowhere in the Bible as cures for homosexual or bisexual orientation.

Hat tip: Good As You