matt-barberThe silliness of anti-gay activists keeps plunging to new depths. Just this week, the clownish Matt Barber (left) wrote a child-like spoof (‘Gay’ penguin flies straight’) for a series of homophobic publications. His article was about the San Francisco zoo’s gay male penguin couple, that apparently broke up – with one partner opting for a female bird.

“Male Magellan penguins Harry and Pepper have been together since 2003. The pair nested together and even incubated an egg laid by another penguin in 2008, but their relationship hit the rocks earlier this year when a female penguin, Linda, befriended Harry after her long-time companion died. Zookeepers say Harry and Linda are happy and were able to successfully nest this year,” reported KTUV-TV.

Barber immediately jumped on the news as evidence that people could pray away the gay. Interestingly, Barber failed to note that:

1) The apparently bisexual penguin did not have to waste thousands of dollars on reparative therapy

2) There is no evidence that a distant father made Harry gay in the first place

3) The penguin was not delivered from “the demon of homosexuality”

4) There is no evidence that the bird found “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.”

Actually, the real reason Barber churlishly exploited this issue, is because he has no real life human ex-gays to trot out that are not on the payroll of anti-gay political organizations. Barber and his ilk also have no research to back up their false claims of sexual conversion. Instead, the rely on bogus sham studies by NARTH – a group that actually uses turn of the century (19 century) research and repackages it as new.

Interestingly, Barber is the Dean of Liberty University School of Law, founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. Barber convienntly fails to mention that Falwell’s personal ex-gay leader was Michael Johnston. For those who do not remember, Johnston had to step down from his ex-gay minsitry after hooking up with multiple dudes on the Internet. Why doesn’t Barber have the honesty and integrity to mention the failings of the minstry he represents?

Barber’s column was pickUgandaed up by other anti-gay sites including Americans for Truth, founded by Porno Pete, (aka Peter LaBarbera), the creepy, sodomy-obsessed activist who keeps showing up at gay S&M parties to conduct “research”.

Um, Pete, at what point will you have your elusive lab sample? It’s kind of odd that you’ve been working on the same “project” for two decades. Is there a new conclusion to draw, or do you just like looking at hairy leathermen in assless chaps?

On Porno Pete’s website, he has a picture of me standing outside of a Boston church (on public property) with a megaphone. Inside the building, the ex-gay organization Exodus International is holding a seminar to help people pray away the gay. What the slippery LaBarbera omits was my chant in front of the building:

“Uganda, Uganda, Uganda.”

I was reminding the activists of Exodus that they cannot advocate genocide, or play a supporting role, without vehement opposition. Just weeks earlier, Exodus board member Don Schmierer attended a conference in Kampala with holocaust revisionist Scott Lively. At the event, a new group was formed to advocate “wiping out” gay people.

I am very proud of the fact I and others in the group stood up to such tyranny and advocacy of violence. Indeed, at about the same time Exodus met in Boston, the persecution of gays in Uganda began. In the service of honesty and truth, Porno Pete should tell the entire story and admit his role in cheerleading such potentially genocidal actions by his cohorts.

To get back to the penguin theme, it is clear that those who push the “ex-gay” myth are birdbrains with therioes that just won’t fly.

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