After years of posing as “Mr. Values” and making a career out of supposed moral superiority, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) is resigning from a key post after admitting an affair with a staffer. The woman with whom Ensign had the affair, Cynthia Hampton, the former treasurer of Ensign’s political committees, came forward yesterday to acknowledge the affair. Her husband, Douglas Hampton, served as a senior aide to Ensign in his Senate office.

As the Washington Post story notes today, Cynthia Hampton’s salary doubled in 2008 during the time she had the affair with Ensign. Her husband got an additional two weeks of pay in April 2008 (two months before the affair ended) and their son was put on the payroll until the affair ended in mid August 2008. The Las Vegas Sun asked today, “Were payments to the Hamptons, documented in Senate and federal election records, intended to ensure their silence about the affair?”

Yet, another Republican hypocrite preaching to others, while not living as advertised. When will the party of “family values” learn to stop preaching and start practicing the values they allegedly hold dear? When will they stop defiling the institution of marriage and allow solid gay couples to marry?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being judged by a party of two-faced, two-timing liars, who can’t keep their zippers up, but tell me that there is something immoral about my relationship.

This latest scandal is emblematic of the implosion of the Republican Party. It is now led by:

Newt Gingrich: The thrice married Congressman who left his first wife in the hospital when she had cancer. Nice.

Rush Limbaugh: A race-baiting, pill popping junkie – who is rabidly against drugs. Go figure that one out.

Sarah Palin: A preachy woman who promotes abstinence while her own family is a mess and far from “conservative.”

I really wish a moderate GOP would emerge. That way, there would be two parties, giving the gay community more political bargaining leverage. But, this latest disaster with Ensign, underscores that the Republicans are no more than a sad joke and a party of pious poseurs.

In case you are wondering, Ensign scored a ZERO on the Human Rights Campaign’s last scorecard.