In articles dated June 8 and June 11, the Family Research Council affirmed laws in foreign countries that imprison or execute gay people.

FRC is opposed to H.R. 2410, legislation that purportedly empowers the U.S. State Department to discourage foreign governments from enforcing laws that imprison or execute same-sex-attracted persons. The legislation also is said to support programs that affirm women’s right to contraception and disease prevention.

FRC unconditionally defends laws that punish homosexuality, no matter how harshly. And FRC offers just one solution for people around the world who face imprisonment for sexual honesty: Ex-gay re-education.

FRC says that if homosexual persons can change and become heterosexual, then they should be denied any rights until they do change. FRC then promotes a new 121-page document released by the antigay reparative-therapy lobby NARTH, which claims that cherry-picked factoids from 125 research studies support the myth that homosexuality is caused by bad parenting and abuse, and that anyone can change their orientation.

NARTH continues to refuse to submit its reinterpretations of mainstream research to professional peer review — and NARTH has been condemned by mainstream researchers for distorting their data and their informed conclusions.