Focus on the Family today welcomed what it called “good news” that Carrie Prejean would not lose her Miss California USA crown. However, the organization continued to conceal news of Carrie Prejean’s repeated and recent erotic-photo shoots as well as a permanent demotion that Prejean received from California pageant officials, after she discarded her pageant duties in favor of photo-ops with the religious right.

Instead of discussing the facts, Focus on the Family promoted a two-part radio broadcast in which Dr. James Dobson talked with Prejean about her perceptions of persecution and her stand against marriage.

The purpose of inviting Miss California to Focus on the Family was not to “debate the merits of beauty pageants, or the swimsuit competition or the profession of modeling,” Dr. Dobson said. “We agree with those in the audience who oppose that kind of sensuality.

“That’s not our purpose here. I want everyone to know the behind-the-scenes story related to the answer Carrie gave.”

Unknown to Focus readers and listeners, Prejean refused to participate with other pageant winners in a Miss California USA public service announcement that promoted civility, respect and diversity. Instead, Prejean assured Focus on the Family that she is the role model for these values:

“I hope I have inspired others to maintain compassion, civility, respect and tolerance while staying true to your convictions, and to never, ever compromise your beliefs … regardless of the consequences.”