A British evangelical group called “Church Society for Bible, Church and Nation” — an oxymoron, to be sure — warns that former ex-gay Peterson Toscano is “promoting immorality” by teaching what the Bible says about gender.

The Society, which opposes an allowance of privacy for Christians, says of Toscano and his “Transfigurations” play about transgender issues in the Bible:

Toscano is someone who has apparently trawled the Bible and attempted to find in it references to people who “do not fit the gender binary’. This sort of argument is not uncommon and anyone who had encountered it will know just how the desire to find such leads to a twisted and selective reading into the text of Scripture, yet sadly many who dismiss the plain teaching of Scripture seem enthralled by such perverse handling of the text.

To “trawl” means to dig deeply; apparently the Society prefers a superficial approach to the Bible, instead. Hence its rejection of the Bible when its stories deviate from strict gender roles policed by self-righteous evangelicals.

But Toscano doesn’t need us to defend him; he ably discusses Transfigurations right here:

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