quinlanIn a bizarre speech to the PepsiCo board, Greg Quinlan, an activist with Parents & Friends of ‘Ex-Gays’, (PFOX) demanded that the company stop donating to gay rights groups, such as Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). He claimed that PFLAG discriminates against heterosexuals – conveniently failing to mention that most members of the organization are straight parents.

A known extremist, Quinlan even referred to the innocuous PFLAG as a “hate group.” The activist then went on to mention a failed American Family Association boycott against the company. He forgot to discuss Michael Johnston, the AFA’s “ex-gay” poster boy, who is now living in a sex addiction facility in Kentucky. The Bible literalist also skipped over his recent divorce – which is reportedly frowned upon in the Bible. Quinlan is noted for instigating confrontations with gay activists, then calling the police to falsely claim he was the victim.

The PepsiCo board appeared to give Quinlan a chilly reception, stating that it supports diversity.

Queerty has more – including an audio clip of his surreal, paranoid speech.