ayotblToday was a wonderful day in Maine.

The House approved a bill (89-58) that would legalize same-sex marriage. The state Senate voted to approve the legislation last week by a vote of 20-15. The measure will now land on Gov. David Baldacci’s desk. As a reporter in Maine, I had interviewed Baldacci and also eaten at his family’s Italian restaurant in Bangor. He was a nice guy, a smart politician and I hope he does the right thing in this instance.

Unfortunately, the day was partially soiled by the remarkably ignorant views of Rep. Bernard Ayotte, a Republican. Ayotte said that he couldn’t support the legislation because it would provide legal protections to people whom he said suffered from hormonal imbalances causing same-sex attractions.

“By all indications, homosexuality in human beings seems to be generated by imbalances in the human body,” he said. “As legislators, it is important that we do not base our statutes on genetic aberrations. Ayotte added, according to the Washington Blade, that his lack of support for the legislation shouldn’t be interpreted as discrimination against gay people.

Even by the low standards set by anti-gay activists, this level of ignorance was shocking. What evidence does Ayotte have to support his unfounded claims? If he does not have proof, why would he use his public platform to spread harmful misinformation?

Please help educate Rep. Ayotte:

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