When a self-proclaimed ex-gay 12-year-old boy named Scott began to post YouTube videos, in which the boy committed acts of violence against himself and threatened to commit violence against others, the ultra-conservative publication WorldNetDaily applauded the boy for conducting his emotional breakdown in a manner that WND considers politically correct:

Scott’s portrayals of self-abuse and irrational confusion drew a legion of YouTube visitors who posted profane remarks and threats of their own in the boy’s YouTube comment section, serving as evidence (in WND’s warped opinion) that civility, tolerance, and non-violent conflict resolution — not to mention parental supervision of a 12-year-old — are evil.

As some observers, myself included, became aware of the problem in the past week or so, we opted not to draw additional attention to Scott and his obvious emotional disturbance because of the additional comment abuse that such attention might bring. Instead, we urged readers of various other blogs that did cover the story to flag the boy’s videos for official intervention and to call upon YouTube to get help for Scott — and for his parents, who were either negligent or abusive in allowing the boy’s crisis to develop.

According to Edge Boston today, help may have finally arrived.

EDGE received an email from an individual claiming to be Sgt. Chris Meehan of Texas’ Collin County, which includes suburban Dallas.

The correspondent claiming to be Sgt. Meehan, who is attached to an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, told EDGE, “I have been working on several cybertips reports that have been received regarding Christianu2uber.

“Several news publications were referenced on this, including your recent article,” the individual who self-identified as Sgt. Meehan added.

“I wanted to update you that we have located this 12 year old, and spoke to him and his parents about this situation,” the correspondent wrote.

“I know many readers expressed concern for his well-being and safety. He has decided to delete his youtube [sic] site and videos, and we will provide him counseling and assistance to get through this situation.”

While it saddens me that sites such as YouTube are full of vile and sadistic commenters, I am glad that authorities were apparently able to track down the boy and that YouTube finally suspended the boy’s account.

I wish such action had occurred in one day instead of ten, but better late than never.