Antigay and ex-gay activists continue to incite an organized campaign of violence against gay Ugandans, possibly with misappropriated U.S. government funding. Orlando-based Exodus International — whose board member Don Schmierer keynoted the campaign’s founding conference March 5-7 — refuses to publicly condemn either the conference or its aftermath.

During the past few days in Kampala, innocent gay Ugandans have been outed by vigilantes and falsely associated with molestation by hired ex-gay activists. When Sexual Minorities Uganda held a press conference to set the record straight, it was poorly attended by the nation’s antigay official media — and vigilantes responded with further personal threats and unsubstantiated accusations which have received ample media attention.

Box Turtle Bulletin spotlights one activist in particular, George Oundo, who has been hired by pro-violence activists to proclaim himself a child molester — and to denounce his gay and transgender former friends and colleagues in lieu of punishment for his own alleged crimes.

Meanwhile, Exodus’ official position is that it supports board member Don Schmierer’s participation in the conference, and neither officially supports — nor officially opposes — imprisonment and forced ex-gay therapy.

Exodus claims to U.S. audiences that it proclaims the “truth” in “love” — but there is neither truth nor love in Exodus’ role in the Uganda vigilante campaign. There is only flight from responsibility — and apathy toward the renewal of Ugandan violence for which Exodus is largely responsible.

Exodus’ position smacks of old-fashioned imperialism:

  • First, Exodus refused in February and early March to tell Schmierer to abort his trip to the conference and refused to disavow the conference or its speakers
  • Then, Schmierer exported his long-discredited falsehoods (blaming parents and abuse instead of teaching the actual science sexual orientation) to uninformed Ugandan parents, some of whom believe as a result that homosexuality is spread via sexual molestation
  • Then, Exodus allowed conference leaders to import the organization’s reputation, in order to grant legitimacy to their campaign of imported Euro-American Holocaust revisionism and incitement to violence (video via Ex-Gay Watch)
  • Finally, Exodus continues to dismiss the human rights of native Ugandans who are being newly oppressed, assaulted, jailed, or killed to satisfy those in the United States who funded a five-year plan by Stephen Langa, Don Schmierer and Scott Lively to — in Langa’s words — “wipe out” homosexuality in Uganda by any means necessary.

Take action! Write to your local gay and mainstream media, and ask them to interview your local Exodus member ministries regarding their national office’s role in Ugandan human rights violations.

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