Weeks after a now-famous victim of abstinence education, Bristol Palin, came forward and declared it a failure, Focus on the Family continues to promote unwed pregnancy and abortion through its opposition to comprehensive sex education.

Sadly, like other politically partisan pro-life organizations, Focus gets away with its promotion of abortion by diverting attention with inflammatory rhetoric about people who believe that banning all abortion and throwing women and doctors in jail are counterproductive means to a worthwhile end.

Today, Focus on the Family extended its defamation, falsely calling President Barack Obama “pro-abortion” and going one step further: Focus — an evangelical Protestant political giant — insinuated that it is somehow un-Catholic for Notre Dame, a leading Catholic university, to invite the President of the United States to speak at commencement and receive an honorary degree.

What’s really un-Catholic is Focus’s mischaracterization of those who believe Prohibition to be an ineffective and counterproductive means of reducing abortion. What’s even more un-Catholic is the organization’s effort to redefine the essence of Roman Catholicism from a traditional and historical religious creed into a flimsy ideological obsession with the use of federal law to control and micromanage every man, woman, and teen-ager’s sexuality by force.