Exodus International continues to affirm its participation in a Uganda conference 10 days ago which advocated life imprisonment and ex-gay detention camps for Uganda’s gay and transgender population.

At the conference, Exodus board member Don Schmierer yielded the Exodus soapbox to Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively, who yesterday defended his ongoing proposal to force Ugandans into ex-gay therapy. Conference organizer Stephen Langa added that Uganda’s life-imprisonment sentence for same-sex-attracted persons is not harsh enough.

Exodus refused to disavow Langa’s or Lively’s views in Uganda, leading the conference attendees, Ugandan media, and Ugandan legislators to believe that Lively enjoyed Exodus’ full support. Exodu also refused to disavow the promotion of ex-gay witchcraft by Caleb Lee Brundidge, who is an associate of longtime P-FOX president and disbarred counselor Richard Cohen.

Since then, Exodus has done nothing to inform Ugandans of Exodus president Alan Chambers’ belated and unofficial statement that Exodus does not support imprisonment or forced therapy.

Exodus officials clearly wish for Ugandans to support imprisonment and forced therapy.

Furthermore, Exodus remains eager for Lively to capitalize upon Exodus’ support — even if these Exodus leaders lack the courage to state such politically unpalatable convictions themselves.

Hat tip: Box Turtle Bulletin